"Please Join Us ... You Just may be Learning to Help Someone YOU Love!"
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    • Welcome Blue Wave Car Wash
      DARA welcomes Blue Wave Car Wash as our newest local business member!
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      A new alliance in the fight against opioid addiction
      Hardly a day goes by in Montgomery Township district court when Judge Andrea Hudak Duffy doesn’t encounter a person addicted to heroin or some other opioid standing before her.

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      Judge Duffy goes into heart of heroin trade in mission to help
      The streets of the Badlands are aglow with the fiery oranges and reds of a setting April sun as Andrea Duffy stares out the passenger window of an idling Philadelphia police SUV at the wobbly, skeletal bodies shuffling past in layers of rotting clothes, unmoved by the presence of law enforcement in their hellish corner of the world.

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    The Drug Addiction Resource Alliance

    Drug Addiction Resource Alliance D.A.R.A. is a collective of local resources in our community that are available to assist those who suspect someone they love may be struggling with substance use disorder and provide education and support to their families.

    D.A.R.A. was formed when District Judge Andrea Duffy identified a need in our community for more intervention. Even if addiction has not impacted your life YET, please attend our forum to understand what is drastically affecting our community. We welcome parents, teachers and civic leaders!

    D.A.R.A. started as an alternative to jail for those brought before Judge Andrea Duffy ... and has evolved as a resource for any one dealing with addiction ... before ... during ... or after the affects of this devastating attack on American families and communities.

    D.A.R.A. Forums

    D.A.R.A. forums are scheduled 3 or 4 times a year at local public facilities. The forum provides resources and assistance for anyone in the community who wants either to learn about dealing with addiction for themselves, or family or friends or wants to volunteer to help with answers to this epidemic;

    Please visit Our Events Page for details of the October 15th forum and other upcoming D.A.R.A. events.

    Each forum has guest speakers from local, county or state authorities as well as presentations from families devastated by addiction and those sharing a message of HOPE.

    Beside presenters, attendees can visit tables from one D.A.R.A.'s various resources alliance partners. At most events, *FREE NARCAN is offered as well as training in its administration.

    * Free read Forum Flyers for details on NARCAN and NARCAN training.